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What drives us
Our aims and objectives are simply to HELP in the ongoing fight against Meningitis and Septicaemia. To do this we raise funds by public donation and purchase diagnostic and life support systems and donate them to National Health Service Hospitals.  We also offer our help to individuals and families who have been affected by this disease.
Our fundraising efforts have raised enough money to provide;
17 Immunosonic Machines (Early Diagnostic)
Brain Monitors
Life Systems Monitors
Ventilators and other breathing aids
Blood Screening Monitors
Microbiologist’s Professor Terry Coakley and Dr Mike Sobanski from the University of Wales in Cardiff have been able to develop a piece of equipment called an Immunosonic.
This machine works on a breakthrough in ultrasound technology. Up until now if a child or adult was suspected of having Meningitis, in most cases they would have to undergo the trauma of having a lumber punch (spinal injection to draw off spinal fluid), then a culture would be made from that fluid.
This can take up to 48 hours. With Meningitis time is of the uppermost importance, so a few hours delay can mean the difference between life and death. The Immunosonic can diagnose all forms of Meningitis and Septicaemia from a simple blood sample without the need for a lumber punch in 30 minutes. It is our aim to purchase and donate as many of these life saving machines as we possibly can to our local National Health Service hospital microbiological departments.
The Meningitis Help Charitable Trust
Meningitis Help Charity was formed in 2001 and helps children and adults who have been affected by meningitis and septicimia throughout the UK.
We raise money by public donations and fundraising events, we also have our flagship Meningitis Help Charity Store which is now open
Our Charity Store is moving to Dagenham details to be released shortly!
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You can donate to our charity on line now or we accept payment by cheque or you can pay via any Barclays Bank Branch.
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