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Meningitis kills more children under 5 than any other illness within the UK.  It can kill or maime within hours!
All of us involved with Meningitis Help Charitable Trust have encountered Meningitis on a personal level in one way or another. We realised there was no one to speak to that had experienced and dealt with this devastating disease in a hands on situation.
Here were organisations that could tell how to detect the signs and how to do the ‘tumbler test’ but what if your child had been misdiagnosed and was in hospital having just lost limbs?
How do you cope with the loss of income because a carer was needed?
How do you find out what prosthetic limbs are available?
What can the National Health Service do for you and your child?
Where do you go for the best help?
How do you insure your child’s future?
How do you set up a trust fund for your child?
Can your child be registered as a charity?
At what age does disability come into force?
What help will the state provide for the parents?
Is a trust fund taxed?
Is there tax relief for medical equipment needed for the patient?
There are thousands more questions that need answers so we set out to find those answers. Because of our own experiences we were able to answer some of these questions and as time has gone by we have encountered more questions and havefound the answers.  We don’t know all the answers but we will always do our best to find out. When a parent is hit by their child contracting this terrible disease the last thing on their mind is all the questions; their only concern is the well being of their child.
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The Meningitis Help Charitable Trust supports many Hospitals throughout the UK.  Please help us to raise funds for our latest appeal in aid of The fanmilies of the victims of Meningitis.  We now accept donations of food and clothing please contact us to arrange delivery or collection.

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